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My Ultimate Field Monitor — 17", Lightweight, Battery-Powered & Wireless

Just finished an article for Pro Video Coalition explaining how I put together the ultimate field monitor....for my purposes, at least!

It's a rig pieced together from various manufacturers — a Flanders Scientific monitor, a couple of Paralinx Arrow wireless receivers, a couple of Atomos H2s converters, and so on.

If you like the idea of having a big-ish field monitor that doesn't have to be plugged into ANYTHING, then read on right here.  


REVIEW: New Litepanels Astra 1x1 LED Light on Pro Video Coalition

I just finished my review of Litepanels' newest 1x1 LED light, the Astra. It's an impressive fixture, with about 4 times the power of previous bi-color units from Litepanels. Litepanels is also making a convenient ecosystem of light-shaping accesories for it, and makes it easy to add DMX networking to any Astra. Plus, the Astra's $1350 street price makes it more competitive with all the 1x1 LED clones that have come out over the last couple of years. 

You can see my review right here on Pro Video Coalition. 


Cool Cine Gear 2014 Products You May Have Missed

I just finished an article for Pro Video Coalition about some interesting but under-the-radar kind of products I saw at this year's Cine Gear. See the article right here


REVIEW: Hexolux D7 LED Light on Pro Video Coalition

Just posted a review of the Hexolux D7 light, which is a versatile LED light that creates a nice-looking beam with good color accuracy, power and control. The D7 isn't cheap at $2400, but no next-gen LED is these days. The good news is that lights don't get outdated nearly as quickly as cameras do. You can take the financial hit upfront, and then get good use out of the light for a decade or more.

See the full reivew right here


REVIEW: Zacuto Z-Drive Follow Focus and Tornado Grip

I just finished my review of Zacuto's Z-Drive and Tornado Grip over at Pro Video Coalition. This is an out-of-the-box product that cleverly blends a follow focus and hand-grip together. Together, the Z-Drive and Tornado let an operator pull focus while keeping a shoulder-mounted camera rock-steady.

I had a chance to work with the Z-Drive/Tornado Grip on a few projects, and added it to my own kit because it genuinely gave me better results in shoulder-mounted camera work, and also kept things more comfortable. You can read the review right here.



Hexolux D7 LED Light Arrives

For the last week, I've been working with a cool new LED light from Hexolux, with a max 150W draw. A few things that stand out: beautiful fresnel lens, photometrics similar to 650-750 watt conventional light, DC power off of a V-mount or Anton Bauer battery (125watt draw), precise dimming on an LED display (0-100%), alternative dimming via f-stop, and the ability to combine multiple light heads together.

I'll be working on a review in the next week or two.