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Panasonic AG-MSU10 Offloads 64GB P2 card in 14:34

Hey, it’s October, and Panasonic is getting ready to ship the AG-MSU10, which is aimed at shooters who need to offload their P2 cards in the field.



The MSU10 is battery powered, and lets you offload cards to a small, removable SSD (solid state drive). You can hold the thing in your hand, so it’s much more convenient than carrying around a laptop and external hard drives. And since there are no moving parts in its SSD, you can jostle the MSU10 all you want during copying.


Anyway, I tried a quick test, copying an E-Series 64GB P2 card to the MSU10’s 256GB SSD. It took 14 minutes, 47 seconds.


For comparison, I tried copying the same card using Panasonic’s fast PCD35 card reader attached to a Mac Pro, going to an 8-drive RAID. That’s the best hardware setup around for offloading P2 cards, and it copied my 64GB card in 10:04.


Also, I used Panasonic’s PCD2 USB card reader to copy a 32GB E series card to a Macbook Pro’s external FireWire 800 drive. That copy took 22:49 (but again, it was just a 32GB card, not 64GB).


In other words, the MSU10 definitely has some impressive speed for a handheld, battery-powered gadget that you can take anywhere.


More in a week or so….