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Panasonic Rapid Writer Review on Creative COW

My review of Panasonic’s Rapid Writer workflow tool is up at CreativeCow. The RapidWriter is a turn-key P2 card backup computer. You can slip up to 5 cards into the Rapid Writer, and then use a touch-screen interface to copy the card’s footage to not one but two removable hard drives (you can set the drives up in a mirrored RAID 1 configuration or as Just a Bunch of Disks). Then you can remove the hard drives and mount them on your editing machine to move the footage to its final destination.


The Rapid Writer isn’t quite as rapid as I might have hoped, especially compared to the blazing fast PCD35 five card reader I use with my Mac desktop. But it’s not slow, either, and it can definitely find a place on productions with high-volume P2 workflows.


You can read the full review here