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Sonnet Qio — The Final Review

Well, I finally finished off my review of the new Sonnet Qio for Studio Monthly, right here. As I’ve said earlier, its P2 card transfer speed is pretty slow and disappointing, and you’ll get better results with a cheaper reader like Panasonic’s PCD-2.



BUT….the Qio was appreciably faster when copying SxS and CF cards…..fast enough to make me strongly consider it if I worked with those formats.


Also, the Qio is a 4-port eSATA hub that you can use to attach fast eSATA drives. I tried it out with a bunch of eSATA drives, and while none of them achieved the copy performance eSATA is capable of, they did solidly beat out FireWire 800 drives in my tests. If you copy a lot of media from one drive to another, and are still using FireWire 800 drives, then the Qio can appreciably speed up your workflow.


You can read more in the review right here

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