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Panasonic P2 Mobile (AJ-HPM200) — The Review

Hot on the heels of Shotput Pro 3, I just finished a Creative COW review of Panasonic’s P2 Mobile. This is a really hard product to define, since it does so many things. It’s a P2 field recorder, letting you record almost any video source as an AVC-Intra clip, complete with metadata. It’s also a quality up/down/cross converter. It’s also a competent cuts-only video editor. And it’s got network connectivity, including a full FTP client/server built in.



You can read the review right here, and remember that Panasonic is offering the Mobile at $9,995 (with trade-in of old out-of-date tape decks), which is a great deal for what you get. But that offer is good only till June 30. Otherwise, the Mobile is $16,000.