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Panasonic's AJ-PCD2 — The Review

About a year ago, I was talking to someone who wanted to build a P2 workflow around an iMac. They needed an easy way to move footage from P2 cards to the iMac, without having access to a P2 camera. I had to break it to them that the only P2 card reader that would work with their machine cost about $2000!


That was the day it became clear that Panasonic had a big hole in their P2 workflow—ie, a simple, low-priced card reader than worked reliably with any kind of computer.





Of course, at this year’s NAB, Panasonic finally introduced that product — the $350 AJ-PCD2 — and I already talked about it in this blog back in April. But now the PCD2 is shipping in volume, and I recently wrote a review of it for CreativeCow, including a bunch of benchmarks. You can check it out right here