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Up Next: Panasonic AF100 and AJA's Ki Pro Mini

The next two reviews I'm working on are pretty interesting.


First up is Panasonic's new AF100 camera ($4995), which is a video camera's answer to DSLRs. It's got a larger sensor inside (based on the Four Thirds system that Panasonic has been embraced for still cameras) so it can give you a shallow depth-of-field when you want it. Plus, all the things that shooters wish DSLRs had are in the AF100, from zebra stripes to built-in ND filters to full res HD-SDI output. I'll be looking at the AF100 from a documentary/non-fiction filmmaker's perspective, and should have the review finished in about a week. 



After the AF100 is AJA's Ki Pro Mini portable field recorder ($1995), which takes an HDMI or HD-SDI input, and records video in various flavors of Apple's ProRes codec. The beauty of the Ki Pro is that you can attach it to an older camera, like a tape-based Varicam, or a newer camera like the AF100, and record what the camera's imager sees, but in a much better codec that the camera is capable of recording natively. For instance, the AF100 records video at 24mbps, with 4:2:0 color subsampling, but if you attach it to the Ki Pro Mini, you can record 200+mpbs with 4:2:2 sampling. Of course, AJA's older Ki Pro could do this already, but the Mini is 1) much smaller, 2) can run off certain camera batteries, and 3) records to fast CF cards, instead of a hard drive or SSD.