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Anton/Bauer Tandem 150 & Solar Panel — Preview

If you use Anton/Bauer batteries, you might be interested in the Tandem 150 (starts at $995). It's a small, lightweight camera power supply and battery charger, with a few twists.





  • First, is that it can power 75 watts of camera gear, WHILE also charging a battery at full speed (about 2.5 hours for a 90w Dionic HC battery).


  • Secondly, you can plug it into the cigarette lighter of your car, and charge a battery at full speed (or power your camera).


  • Third, and coolest of all, is that you can attach a solar panel to it, and charge a battery up in 4-5 hours. That may not be so helpful if you've only got one panel and Tandem to work with, but it gets much more useful if you take a few Tandems and solar panels out into the field. 




I'll have a full review up on Creative COW in about a week. 



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