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Panasonic BT-LH910 Review

CreativeCOW recently posted my review of Panasonic's new 9" monitor, the BT-LH910. I love this monitor. I had been using a 7.9" BT-LH80 for the last couple of years, but when I did side-by-side comparisons, the 910 blew the 80 out of the water. Watching footage on a 9" screen feels luxurious, and 910's image is very sharp at 1280x768. PLus, it's only a half pound heavier than my LH-80, so I can still mount it on top of a Varicam, or hand it to a producer. It's got two 3G HD-SDI input/outputs, a headphones jack, audio meters, waveform and vectorscope, 3D calibration tools, a built-in screen protector (not velro'd on), and an HDMI input for DSLRs, etc. It also comes with a viewing stand if you want to place it on a desk or table. 


Shortly after getting the 910 for review, I decided to put my LH-80 up for sale on eBay, and bought the 910. It's not cheap ($3500 list, but $3000 on the street), but it felt like a monitor that could suit me for a good 5 years. 


Here's the CreativeCOW review


P.S. The screen shots below show the 910 with the older BT-LH80.