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Two Monitors from Flanders and Panasonic Reviewed

Just posted a review of two new monitors from Flanders Scientific and Panasonic on Creative Cow, right here


The monitors are the FSI CM-170W and the Panasonic BT-LH1850. Both are big enough to use as client/crew monitors in the field, but they sip power sparingly, so you can run them for hours on a single battery. That makes them much more useful than typical 17"+ monitors you find on most sets, which always need wall-power. 



I prefer the Flanders because it's only 6.4 pounds, and features a 10-bit panel, and has a very nice travel-case option. But it's $3295 without any accessories. The Panasonic has a slightly bigger screen, but weighs twice as much, has an 8 bit panel, and a narrower viewing angle....but you can get it for close to only $2K. 


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