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Panasonic HPX3100 Review

I finally got some time to get a review written for Panasonic's HPX3100, and it's posted right here on CreativeCOW


This is a very impressive camera. Good price point (about $20K), a nice 2/3" 1080 native imager, a fantastic 10 bit codec in AVC-Intra, a shoulder-mount form factor that's born for handheld work, and all the features you'd expect from a mature ENG camera (nd filters, 4 channel audio, tons of image controls, scene files, etc. etc. ). You can get so much work done so quickly with a camera like this. 



But what's really unique about the 3100 are two add-ons you can purchase separately. One lets the camera simultaneously record very high-quality, time-coded proxy videos to an SD card, which you can hand to your client at the end of the day. From there, the client can play the footage on virtually any device, immediately. Or they can quickly email the proxies to a transcriber, other producers, etc. 


The other add-on is even better: a wireless metadata module that lets a producer wirelessly enter shot names and other metadata into clips, before they record (or after), all with an iPad or Android tablet, or a laptop. You can also insert shot markers into footage as it's recorded, just by hitting a button on the iPad (or whatever the device you're using). Suddenly, producers can do a ton of footage logging while they're in the field, so it's already organized by the time it gets to editorial.  




Check out the review right here