Los Angeles Cameraman

A Great Director's Monitor Rig from Ikan

In my quest to build a lightweight, durable director’s monitor, I came across this great rig from Ikan. It’s $149 for the whole thing (not including the 16x9 Cine Lock quick release plates), which is about $50 - $75 cheaper than a do-it-yourself rig made of various parts from the likes of Red Rock Micro or Zacuto.

Besides the price, I like the Ikan for a few reasons. First, it’s convenient in that you need nothing else beyond this. No looking through Red Rock or Zacuto’s product catalog to piece a rig together. Secondly, the top bar above the monitor gives you a mounting point for a receiver, but it also protects the monitor from getting whacked as its swung around during the day.

Finally, it’s still fairly small and light. I built my rig using a SmallHD AC7 monitor powered by a Canon C300 standard battery, and a Paralinx Arrow Plus receiver powered by a Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation USB battery (4000 mAh). With the Ikan rig, the whole package weighs about 3.5 pounds, which is a little more than a Macbook Air.

I do think I could shed a little weight and size by building a rig with the aforementioned Zacuto or Red Rock Micro parts, and I may try that at some point, but for now, the Ikan is working well.