Los Angeles Cameraman

Canon C300 In the House

Canon's C300 arrived a few weeks ago, and I've had a chance to use it on six shoots already.

What a great camera! It's sharp with shallow but manageable depth-of-field, a XLR audio, lots of exposure tools (Zebra, waveform), 4:2:2 chroma subsampling, etc. etc. 



The image really does looks great, but the small size and low weight (3.5 pounds) have also made a big impression on me. I can carry two cameras in bag that's still smaller than my Varicam bag. Plus, it's easy to use small gear like sliders, and mini jibs to add production value which would never work with a bigger camera.


I'll write more about the C300 when I get to know it a bit more, but so far so good. I'm actually thinking about getting a second body. Hmmm.....