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Maxx Digital ThunderRAID 8-drive RAID reviewed on StudioDaily


StudioDaily just posted my review of Maxx Digital's ThunderRAID, which starts at $3495 for 8TB, and goes up to $4695 for 32TB of capacity. You can read all the details at StudioDaily, but in summary, it's a fantastic Thunderbolt-native RAID that uses an industrial strength controller from Areca, is fast, quiet, and automatically powers off whenever you shut down or sleep your computer and powers up whenever you come back online.

I currently own a Sonnet DX800 RAID with Atto controller on my 2009 Mac Pro, and I wish it was half as convenient and easy to use as the ThunderRAID. You just tend to forget that the ThunderRAID is even there...

Read the full review right here on StudioDaily


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