Los Angeles Cameraman

Zacuto's Z-Drive and Tornado Grip Arrive

Yes, this is actually a follow-focus.

It's called the Z-Drive and is brand new from Zacuto. It's designed to combine a small, lightweight follow-focus with a handgrip — that way a one-man-band operator can shoulder-mount the camera and keep it steady, all while pulling focus.

I just got this last night, and am pretty impressed with Zacuto's out-of-the-box solution to a common problem for shoulder-mounted cine cameras. I'll have more in the next couple of weeks. 

By the way, the Z-Drive itself is actually pretty small, but you see it here combined with Zacuto's Tornado grip. Otherwise, you can use the Z-Drive with a conventional focus whip, or just by hand. But then you lose benefit of combining focus and grip into one unit in your hand.

Combined, the Z-Drive and Tornado grip cost about $783